Generating high-quality evidence is now central to commercial success. Our consulting services are therefore founded on excellent scientific research skills. What truly sets us apart though are two things:

Our Understanding

Our Understanding

We understand what comes before the research – how to create the evidence-based commercial strategies that maximize product value

Our Ability

Our Ability

We can engage in what comes after research – communicating implications of research to different audiences with different objectives and needs

“To be successful, commercial strategy must be driven by evidence supporting product value, not the reverse.”

Economic Strategy and Planning

Economic strategy and planning drive market access success. These activities are first undertaken in early-development and occur throughout commercialization or when a brand needs to rethink its approach to the marketplace. This work is inherently multi-market with country-specific drill-downs. Typical projects include:

Evidence Generation

Essential HEOR services meet the needs of multiple stakeholders. The traditional research domains of pharmacoeconomics. For maximum payer acceptance, peer-reviewed publication is necessary and our staff have published extensively in these areas. Typical projects include:


Our communications services go beyond the journal article. We focus on the core implications of our research for different stakeholders, not just the technical results. By emphasizing appropriate interpretation and practical consequences of research, we’re best positioned to inform external decision-making. Typical projects include: